Hot Tub Chemicals, Hickory, NC

We can help demystify the process of hot tub chemical selection and usage for crystal clear water, as well as comfortable and safe therapeutic usage.

Hot Tub Chemicals in Hickory, North Carolina
The key to getting a long life from your hot tub, as well as enjoying its use safely, is to have an understanding of hot tub chemicals. You will need to know what to use and how to use it properly. At The Hot Tub Store, we offer all the hot tub chemicals you will need, and our experienced staff will be happy to walk you through how to use them safely.

We offer a wide variety of hot tub maintenance services, including getting your hot tub set up using the proper hot tub chemicals. We have two certified technicians who are available for servicing and repairs, so you can enjoy your hot tub for years to come.

It can seem intimidating to consider hot tub chemicals and wonder if you are doing the right thing for the safety of your family. We can help and put your mind at ease by giving you instructions, so you can feel confident in what you are doing.

We carry all the hot tub chemicals you will need, as well as various accessories which can help reduce the amount of chemicals needed. We suggest having a quality cover for your hot tub to reduce debris falling into your hot tub and constant sunshine drawing out the chemicals.

Let us help you have clean and safe water in your hot tub with the right balance of hot tub chemicals. Come in and see our 5,000-square-foot showroom and stock up on the supplies you need. While you are here, you might even see a new hot tub that will serve your needs even better than the one you have. We’re here to help you with whatever questions you may have, so the short drive from Hickory, North Carolina will be well worth it.

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