hot tub maintenanceIf you have avoided getting a hot tub because you fear that hot tub maintenance will be more involved than you have the expertise, time, and energy to do, it may interest you to know that it really isn’t very difficult or time-consuming. The many benefits involved with hot tub usage far outweigh the few things you need to stay on top of.

One reason that hot tub maintenance is easy is that newer models have advancements that take care of quite a bit for you. For example, the cabinets are simple to maintain with just a quick hose down occasionally, unlike the older wood models that needed to be stained and sealed every so often. When it comes to hot tub maintenance, there are only three things to take care of:

  • Weekly – You’ll just need about five minutes each week to check the water chemistry. A simple test strip can accomplish that in no time. Double check the sanitizer before getting into your hot tub. The use of a cover will reduce the need for adding chemicals very often.
  • Monthly – Your hot tub will require about 15 minutes of your time once a month to check and clean the filters. How long it will take will depend on how many filters you have and what type they are. If keeping hot tub maintenance to a minimum is important to you, be sure to express that when you are selecting a new hot tub, so the staff can properly advise you.
  • Annually – While it may need it more often depending on your model, water system, usage, adherence to showering before entering, and other factors, once or twice a year you’ll need to drain and refill your hot tub. This is the most time-consuming part of hot tub maintenance, but the good news is that you could call a hot tub service company to handle this for you.

If you have questions about hot tub maintenance and selecting the right hot tub to minimize the time you’ll spend on it, give us a call at The Hot Tub Store. You can also come by our 5,000-square foot showroom so we can show you just how easy it is to care for a hot tub.