hot tub maintenance If you recently purchased a hot tub, or maybe a home that already has a hot tub installed, it is important to learn about hot tub maintenance to protect the pump and other parts of the unit. Hot tub maintenance also protects your health and the health of the other people who use your hot tub. You will save money because you will need fewer repairs over time if you care for your hot tub correctly.

Here are some tips for proper hot tub maintenance:

  • Test water regularly: Testing your water and making small adjustments when needed is easier than having to make big adjustments all at once. Test the water at least two times a week for best results. A log of your results can be helpful as well.
  • Clean the filter: The filter is often located under the skimmer basket and should be cleaned every 4-8 weeks. If you use your hot tub frequently, you will need to clean the filter more often. The filter will need to be replaced every 1-2 years.
  • Change the water: The water will need to be drained and completely changed every 2-4 months, depending on use. When it is drained, clean the surfaces of the tub focusing on the waterline where buildup tends to occur.
  • Add fill water: Remember that you will lose water slowly because of evaporation and other factors. Make sure your water level stays high enough to protect the jets and other parts.

Taking the time for hot tub maintenance will ensure that your hot tub will work correctly and be available to enjoy when you want it. Contact a hot tub professional any time you are unsure about how to best maintain your hot tub.