hot tub chemicalsMany people are interested in owning a hot tub, but they may not know everything they need to know about hot tub chemicals to maintain healthy water for themselves and any guests who use their hot tub. If you need to learn more about hot tub chemicals, read on. If you still have questions when you are done, contact us at The Hot Tub Store for more information. We are happy to help with supplying and correctly using your hot tub chemicals.

The most important kind of hot tub chemicals are the sanitizers. These chemicals keep your hot tub’s water healthy enough for lounging by killing the bacteria and viruses that could grow in the hot tub otherwise.

  • Chlorine is a commonly used sanitizer. Most people are familiar with it because it is also used in pools.
  • Bromine is another common sanitizer. It may have less odor than chlorine, making it an attractive alternative for hot tub owners.
  • If you want to cut down on the amount of hot tub chemicals you must use, you can use a ozonator or mineral purifiers to help sanitize your water. You will still need to use some chlorine or bromine, but may cut the amount by as much as 80%.

Other hot tub chemicals you will need include chemicals to shock your hot tub, which will remove dead organic matter (like skin and oil from the people who use it). You will also need chemicals to maintain the pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity and heavy metals. Testing the water regularly with test strips is your greatest aid to figuring out what hot tub chemicals you need.