Hot Tub CoversOne often overlooked yet essential hot tub accessory is the hot tub cover. As you think about the need for a hot tub cover, consider the following imaginary scenario:

John and Mary just installed a beautiful, 6-person hot tub in their backyard. They are eager to use it and have decided they can get along well without the addition of a hot tub cover. On their first night, they use their hot tub and have a marvelous time. Everything functions well, and their expectations are fully met. However, the next morning there is a storm. One the storm has abated, John goes out to use the hot tub only to find that it is filled with dirt and other debris happily deposited there by the storm. John contacts his hot tub repair guys and gets them on the way to come and clean out the hot tub.

Not yet convinced that a hot tub cover is essential, John and Mary continue to leave their hot tub unprotected. Over the course of the next three months, they notice that it has begun to lose its beautiful deep blue color and is more of a light blue now. During these same three months, they’ve even had to fish out small pets, a small child (good thing they were close by), and a wandering adult from their in-ground hot tub. John has also noticed that the costs of keeping the hot tub running at the correct temperature seem to be quite costly, and that it takes more hot tub chemicals to even out the pH.

After reading our scenario, you’ve probably recognized some of the most important reasons hot tub covers are necessary. Just in case you missed a few, we’ll outline them for you. Hot tub covers:

  • Protect against leaves, dirt and other debris that would otherwise enter the basin
  • Protect against small pets, children, pests, or uninvited (lost) people who would accidentally fall into your uncovered hot tub
  • Protect your hot tub from sun damage
  • Maintain the proper pH level, so you don’t have to adjust it all the time
  • Keep your energy costs low thanks to maintaining the proper temperature in the hot tub

If you’re convinced that a hot tub cover will be your most valuable accessory, contact us at The Hot Tub Store. We’ll make sure that you choose from the best selection of hot tub covers available!