Hot Tub ReplacementIf you are like many people who love using their hot tub on a regular basis, you may be disappointed when you discover that your tub is not in good working order. Do you call for a repair? What if you’ve repaired your tub over and over again? Here are three good reasons it may be time to consider hot tub replacement over repairs.

1.   Damage – Has the lining or exterior casing of your hot tub been damaged? Have you had crack repair before, but you still have concerns? Damage is a good indicator that it’s time for hot tub replacement.

2.   Equipment – If you’ve had faulty equipment that causes your hot tub to short out or you’ve had multiple parts replaced over time, hot tub replacement may be the logical next step. You can save money over the long-term by avoiding repeated repairs.

3.   Efficiency – If your hot tub isn’t getting as hot as it should, if the jets are not working appropriately, or if you notice that your tub is simply not as efficient as it once was, hot tub replacement could help you gain back the enjoyment you once had.

At The Hot Tub Store, we know the value that a hot tub can add to your home and your life. If you are looking for an upgrade, are fed up with repairs, or are shopping for your first hot tub, come by our showroom or call us today to learn more about your options. We know you’ll love the results!