hot tubsTell someone they have to buy a car without test driving it or at least a model exactly like it and you’ll probably get a look of horror. Yet every day, people buy hot tubs without fully investigating if their purchase will suit their purpose. In fact, if you ask someone who says they hate their hot tub if they tried it first, they’ll probably admit they didn’t. So, what are your goals when you try before you buy? Here’s a few important things to look for:

  • Fits You – Hot tubs vary widely in terms of the seat size, including width, depth, and height. You want to know that you can sit comfortably. The same is true for lounge areas. If you don’t fit well, the jets can push you out of lounge or you’ll be taxing your muscles trying to stay in place.
  • Water Level – Small hot tubs can be an ideal solution for a small space or just one or two people, but they can sometimes be shallower than you would like. If this trade-off suits you, that’s fine, but by trying before you buy, you’ll have a better idea what you are compromising on.
  • Jet Placement – How many jets a hot tub has is a consideration, of course, but the placement and whether they hit the areas of your body you desire is something you’ll only know if you try before you buy.
  • Instructions – Some people can understand all the nuances of operating hot tubs by reading the manual. Others need to see it firsthand for themselves. In a showroom with hot tubs in operation, you can get a full demonstration, which will make caring for your new hot tub easier.

Here at The Hot Tub Store you will find a huge selection of hot tubs and the ability to try before you buy so you can be sure your investment is one you’ll be happy with for many years to come. We have the largest showroom in Western North Carolina, and we also provide service so that your new hot tub can stay in top condition.