Hot Tub Maintenance, Asheville, NC

We offer hot tub maintenance services in the Asheville area, so you can protect your investment.

Hot Tub Maintenance in Asheville, North Carolina
Getting a hot tub for your Asheville, North Carolina home can be a large investment depending on the brand, model, size, and features. As is the case with any asset, proper maintenance is necessary to enjoy efficient use and a long lifespan. At The Hot Tub Store, we are one of the few hot tub dealers in the Asheville area that also services and maintains hot tubs. Sure, we would love to sell you a new hot tub every year, but we’d rather it was because you want to upgrade to one with more features or perhaps a larger model– not because it fell into disrepair. No hot tub deserves that fate!

Okay, so perhaps we’re just being a bit sentimental, but the truth of the matter is that we love hot tubs! Taking care of them with proper hot tub maintenance is something we do to keep as many of these amazing therapeutic appliances at work, relaxing muscles and soaking away the stress of the day. Our technicians have over 25 years of combined experience with hot tub maintenance, installation, and repairs. We maintain and service most brands, including those we didn’t sell from our 5,000 square foot showroom.

Coming home from work after an exhausting day to find your hot tub isn’t working is like a Halloween horror story, so avoid that scenario with regular hot tub maintenance to keep it running like a charm and working the way it should. Call us today, and let’s get you on the schedule for regular hot tub maintenance.


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