Hot Tub Store, Waynesville, NC

At The Hot Tub Store, we offer a variety of hot tubs for both residential and commercial uses in Waynesville and all of Western North Carolina.

Hot Tub Store in Waynesville, North Carolina
If you want a relaxing way to spend your evenings or you are looking for the perfect addition to your commercial recreation area, you may hope to find a hot tub store that has a range of options. Luckily, you will have come to the right place when you come see us at The Hot Tub Store because we offer a range of hot tub products and services that are the perfect addition for any home or commercial property.  Serving Waynesville and all of Western North Carolina, we have been providing high-quality products and services since 1994.

  • Residential/Commercial – At The Hot Tub Store, we offer 2, 4, and 6 person hot tubs, as well as custom hot tubs, for a variety of residential and commercial uses. You will love our wide selection and the ability to purchase the hot tub that best meets your needs.
  • Service & Repair – When you come to The Hot Tub Store, it is important to have a professional team who can help to service and repair your hot tub so it is always in great working condition. We have two certified technicians who can answer your questions and keep your hot tub working its best.
  • Additional Services – If you need the perfect outdoor furniture to accent your hot tub or you are interested in a custom hot tub cover, come see us at The Hot Tub Store for all your needs!

With financing available and hot tubs for every home and business in the Waynesville area, you won’t need to go anywhere else when you come to us at The Hot Tub Store. Come by and see us today to choose your perfect hot tub and outdoor accents. See you soon!





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